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Lacco Ameno

Address: Piazza Santa Restituta, 80076 Lacco Ameno NA, Italia (http://www.comunelaccoameno.it)
Lacco Ameno is the smaller municipality of the island of Ischia, where in the VIII century B.C. Greek sailors arrived and conquered Monte Vico founding the city of Pithecusae, the built up area more ancient of the island and the first colony of the Magna Graecia. Many archeological findings are hosted in Museo Santa Restituta where we find Greek, Roman and Byzantine findings, like cinerary urns, tombstones, funerary furnishes, old coins that in Villa Arbusto, the civic archeological museum of Pithecusae hosting more that 3000 findings. Inside it’s possible to admire the famous Nestore’s Cup, very important for its history because was decorated with the most ancient inscription in Greek of the Mediterranean art

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