Aiming at the horizon, along the panoramic road towards Cava dell'Isola, there is Bettina Buttgen's kingdom

Not just clothing and accessories, but unique handcrafted pieces, made with natural materials, colored in an incredible range of shades.

The atelier where from her talent and from artisanal production processes, tested and elaborated over time, her creations come to live. Including the golden ones of the spectacular sunset of Forio.

Bettina Buttgen is an artist of German origin and Ischian by adoption, who travels between multiple worlds between design, art, craftsmanship and high fashion. His creativity knows no bounds. Her life is in her world of fabrics, the work of her always industrious hands.

You can buy Bettina's creations from her Online Shop or at the Aragonese Castle Shop.

Design e Moda

Bettina Buttgen è un’artista tedesca d’adozione ischitana che viaggia tra più mondi, quello del design, dell’ arte, dell’artigianato, dell’alta moda. Non ci sono confini.

Tel.: +39 338 573 1242