A place of well-being characterized by a serene and friendly atmosphere ...

Lying in the San Montano bay, the most suggestive inlet on the island of Ischia.

Immersed in a green area of over 22 acres, it is frequented by a tourism oriented to the emerging values of health and beauty.

Thermal and marine pools, woods, gardens, lush flower beds, the sea and volcanic rock: all enclosed in a single, magical and fascinating place. It is Negombo, a hydrothermal park located in the bay of San Montano in Ischia.

San Montano is a deep bay enclosed between Mount Vico and the promontory of Zaro in one of the most evocative corners of Ischia, an island where the culture of bathing has spread since the early decades of the twentieth century. The garden that we can admire today is the result of a long work begun in 1947 by Duke Luigi Silvestro Camerini, an entrepreneur and anti-fascist from Veneto (but also a traveler whom many remember perennially dressed in colonial clothes, who fell in love with the South after his confinement in Ponza), continued by the heirs and, in 1988, by the passionate intervention of Ermanno Casasco. In Camerini's original intention, the territory was to host an irrigated botanical garden with a complex, albeit rudimentary system of tanks and crossed by paths carved into the rock of Mount Vico.DOCCIONI NEGOMBO

It has not been an easy task to create a unique and vast property like Negombo, since at the time the land was divided into plots cultivated as vegetable gardens owned by many different families. To unite them it took a few years and not a few battles, but, in the end, cicas, cocos, Ficus elastica trees, Zamia and bird of paradise plants arrived which also justified that curious name stolen from a Ceylon bay, visited on one of the trips by the Duke. The spirit of Mediterranean nature was not supplanted by the arrival of African, Australian, Japanese or Brazilian essences. Its presence is perceived but it is not in contrast with the other essences. In the seventies the place evolved from a private to a hydrothermal park open to the public (to achieve self-financing and save this green heritage) and, in the eighties, the Duke's son, Paolo Fulceri Camerini, after having built the main swimming pools and services of bars and restaurants, he perceived the need to redesign the structure of the garden to make it a more harmonious and less 'wild' whole.

The spring waters of Negombo are:

  • Mineral
  • Hyperthermal
  • Salty-alkaline

The water of Negombo can add to the aforementioned characteristics the presence of the noble gas radon, acquired from the rocks of the subsoil, which, by giving the water a very slight beneficial radioactivity, favors the absorption of salts present in the human body. In addition, water, with its anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, improves muscle tone after initial fatigue.

The "Templare" (literally, "Templar") thermal cascades allow a natural massage to the whole body, improving the tone of the muscles of the neck and shoulders and reducing their tension. Therefore, subjects suffering from cervicals derive great benefit from it.


Health through water

The Negombo spa is designed and managed as a place of delights: it contains within itself the pleasures and benefits that the thermal springs give, combined with the sea and the garden that surrounds them, enhanced with the energy flows of the massages and treatments that take advantage both of the most modern therapies and the ancient healing practices.
Care and aesthetics
A modern and well-equipped center for body care and aesthetics; sixteen cabins, state-of-the-art medical equipment, indoor swimming pool for acquarelax, professional and specialized therapists and operators.
Negombo treatments
The experience of the spa is a path of fire and powerful healing and relaxing waters, generated by natural phenomena

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